Premier Beverage Group

About Us

Premier Beverage Group develops, markets and distributes functional beverage brands through its wholly owned subsidiaries, OSO Beverages and Captive Brands. Functional beverages, which include energy drinks, energy shots, and vitamin enhanced waters, have expanded substantially in the last 5 years and disrupted the beverage landscape formerly dominated by soft drinks. The functional beverage category has uncovered a previously unexposed consumer need that traditional beverages did not address. We believe these beverages are quickly becoming the drink of choice for the younger generation, having matured from “fad” status into the mainstream market.

Our flagship brand is OSO, a premium energy beverage that we sell to high profile on premise accounts in New York. We developed OSO to stand out from the crowded energy drink market by providing a premium experience, from taste all the way through to look. We currently offer our OSO products in original and light flavors in an 8.4oz can. In 2012, we intend to offer OSO product in a glass bottle to round out the premium experience.

Through Captive Brands, we offer a turnkey solution for retailers seeking to offer premium functional beverage and other products.  Our captive brand programs provide retailers with a comprehensive solution including brand development, product formulation, marketing, manufacturing, warehousing and distributing.

Premier Beverage Group is a Nevada corporation and is traded over the counter under the symbol PBGC.